BeatCleaver Review by DJ Kev West

Over on YouTube, DJ Kev West has posted a quick 2 minute review of BeatCleaver, our sample chopping software for Windows and Mac:

In the review, Kev calls BeatCleaver a “perfect alternative to Propellerhead Recycle”, then goes over some of the capabilities of BeatCleaver and explains why you might consider using it if you’re a Reason user. Give it a watch!

If you’re into MPC finger drumming or the Akai MPD MIDI controllers, you might also really dig this video Kev did comparing MPC Stuff Fat Pads and the regular stock drum pads that come with various controllers:

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If you’re interested in BeatCleaver, download the free trial or pick it for only $30 from the Oscillicious Online Shop.

JustScience BeatCleaver Video Review and Chopping Demo

Beatmaking guru JustScience has just posted a new video review and demo showing how to chop samples with BeatCleaver for hip hop production.

This video is a great introduction to the main BeatCleaver workflow, and takes you from the basics like loading samples and chopping on zero crossings, all the way to loading your chops in Reason and using them with the NN-XT sampler.

If you’re interested in BeatCleaver or making hip hop in Reason, check it out:

If you like this video, be sure to check out JustScience’s YouTube Channel for more music production videos! You can also catch him over on Twitter, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

BeatCleaver is available for Windows and Mac – Check out the free trial version today!