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Raw Analog
Sample Pack

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Hypnotic Analog Modular
Synth Sample Pack

Analog Extracts is a sample pack with 100% original, freshly squeezed analog synth sounds. What do they sound like? Have a listen:

What on Earth?

Deep underground, our crew of sound designers from the Pacific Northwest uncovered a ridiculously expensive analog modular synth and went to work immediately excavating their newly discovered sounds. Our team meticulously wired, rewired, and tweaked until they were finally able to extract the most original and raw analog sounds from this dusty synthesizer.

Brand New Sounds

These samples just sound different.

Through a series of wild jam sessions, we've managed to create a range of sounds you've never quite heard before, and we're proud to offer these analog modular sounds exclusively through Oscillicious.

Analog Made Affordable

The Analog Extracts sample pack was recorded from a rare, original Buchla 200-series analog modular synthesizer. Never heard of it? Synthtopia wrote about it in How To Spend $40,000 On A Synthesizer.

We tamed this beast and coaxed it into producing over 200 analog samples, which we've brought to you at a price that won't break the bank.

Warning: Laser Blasts

Analog Extracts includes a collection of 63 mind-blowing laser sounds, perfect for anything from electro build ups to accents for your next hip hop track.

Exclusive Bonus: VST and AU Plug-in (64-bit too!)

Analog Extracts includes a bonus VST and Audio Units plug-in that instantly transforms each sample into an instrument mapped to the entire keyboard.

  • Powered by a brand new Oscillicious sampler.
  • Lightweight, fast, and easy to use.
  • No mapping required - Easily load the entire sample pack.
  • Preview quickly with easy preset browsing.
  • Works with any VST or AU host, no sampler required.

The Analog Extracts VST and AU plug-in is available for Windows and Mac OS X 10.5+, in both 32 and 64-bit flavors. Yum!

Get Analog Extracts with bonus VST and AU plug-in today.

Buy Analog Extracts

Full Feature List

About the Sound Designers

Dan Godlovitch
Thor Kell

Analog Extracts was conceived and produced by the Pacific Northwest's Thor Kell and Dan Godlovitch, also known as Fractal and Okpk. This Canadian duo produce everything from IDM to dub and everything in-between with ambient influences and orchestral nods.

As seasoned producers, these two put their sound design skills to the test for your enjoyment, and created something truly unique with Analog Extracts.

If you dig their sounds, be sure to check out Fractal and Okpk on SoundCloud.

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