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Made with SodaSynth


Hailing from Smolensk, Russia, Leksha's signature sound paints mellow, rainy sounds on a canvas of nostalgia. Both of these tracks, from Leksha's upcoming Bunlacer EP, were made exclusively with SodaSynth.

"Heavily inspired by deteriorating scenes around him, of abandoned factories and buildings crumbling into the dusk, the music reminds you of the glory days gone by."

- Kahvi Collective

Made with SodaSynth


Unstoppable German producer Nyxl sprinkles soft piano melodies over anything from ambience to deep electro beats to produce tracks that will move you one way or another.

We let Nyxl take SodaSynth for a spin in Cubase, and he produced this short sound design demo by adding the Cubase Compressor, Amp, Delay, Reverb, Stereo Enhancer, and some EQing on top.

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