BeatCleaver 1.2 Released: Sampling Made Easy

After several months of development, Oscillicious is pleased to announce the release of BeatCleaver 1.2!

This release is available as a free upgrade for existing owners of BeatCleaver, and is available on our downloads page.

BeatCleaver is a beat slicing tool for sampling from drum loops, recordings, and songs. Aimed at hip hop and electronic artists, its intuitive design and fluid user interface create a fast, frustration‐free workflow. One‐click slice templates and quick export help artists spend less time editing and more time writing music.

With new support for MP3 and AAC formats, sampling from existing songs and recordings has never been easier. DJs can now easily save loops from songs to use with sampler decks and artists can cut samples for remixes and mashups. The new Advanced Slicing menu facilitates slicing audio by fixed bars or beats, perfect for chopping multi‐track exports for live resequencing.

Whether you’re creating DJ samples, loops, sampling for hip hop, or slicing music for something different altogether, we think BeatCleaver can help you get it done faster.

A free trial version is available for download from the BeatCleaver site and the full version can be purchased from the Oscillicious Shop.

Lastly, a full press kit is available here.

Advanced Slicing in BeatCleaver 1.2

Leading up to the BeatCleaver 1.2 release, we’ve talked about what’s coming next and gone into more detail on the new fluid zoom we’ve implemented. The next feature we’re going to talk about came as a suggestion from bleo

Bleo’s problem was that he had written a song on his guitar and recorded it, but now he wanted to use parts of it for live sequencing in littlegptracker. He wanted to be able to open up his recording, specify a tempo, and have the recording sliced up into 4 bar segments. He could then trigger and remix those segments in littlegptracker, Renoise, or Ableton Live.

I’ve run into a similar dilemma myself. I’ve written many songs in energyXT2, and I wanted to export soloed segments from each track so I could reconstruct the song and resequence it live using littlegptracker. This turned out to be incredibly labour intensive. I had to set loop points in XT2 around each segment I wanted, then solo the track or try to do a multitrack export from that point. It started to get frustratingly difficult, and I eventually gave up.

With BeatCleaver 1.2, we now have a solution to both problems. Via the new “Advanced Slicing” menu, you can have BeatCleaver slice your song by some beat or bar interval, given the tempo. For Bleo, he can load his guitar recording, specify the tempo and slicing he wants, and then instantly export the slices for sequencing. For me, I can now do a multi-track export from any DAW and slice up each track with ease. I can then resequence or remix my own tracks live using hardware samplers or even throw them into the sampler decks in Mixxx.

We’re now very close to a BeatCleaver 1.2 release, so you should be able to try out this new feature for yourself in the next few days. Stay tuned!