What’s Cooking at Oscillicious?

Though it’s been more than a month since my last update, fear not, I’ve been working on Oscillicious products non-stop.

First off, I’ve managed to produce a version of BeatCleaver 1.2 that’s XP compatible, which needs some beta testing. It’s separate version because it doesn’t have the fancy MP3 / M4A slicing that BeatCleaver has on other versions of Windows and OS X, but it still slices and dices WAV and AIFF files just fine.

Download BeatCleaver 1.2 for Windows XP here and try it out! (Leave a comment if it works for you!)

Next, I’ve got a 64-bit version of SodaSynth VST and AU in the pipeline. The Mac OS X is available for testing for registered users (email me!), and I hope to have a 64-bit Windows version available for testing soon too.

Now on to something totally new: We’re working on a pretty funky¬†analog synth sample pack that we’re hoping to share with you by the end of August. As I hope you’ve come to expect from us, this sample pack is going to be a little bit different. We’re going to do this sample pack the Oscillicious way: Fresh.

Lastly, we’ve got one more big product in the pipeline, and I hope to release some more information about it soon. Development is progressing very well so far, and it’s what I’m spending almost all of my time on these days. I’m really excited about it because it’s totally different from anything else out there, and I think it’s going to be a very distilled expression of what Oscillicious is all about – Creating awesome, easy to use tools for musicians. Stay tuned!