A Word on Mac OS X Mountain Lion Compatibility

Back in March, we released a small update to SodaSynth in advance of Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.8 release, Mountain Lion.

SodaSynth has an installer which is signed so that Gatekeeper identifies it as originating from Oscillicious, and lets it run. This is important because OS X Mountain Lion will only run signed code by default. This new code signing policy will give Apple another tool to help keep OS X safe and secure, and it gives you the assurance that our products are genuine. We’re pleased to offer SodaSynth as one of the first VST and AU plugins that is fully compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Additionally, BeatCleaver 1.2 should be compatible with Mountain Lion, as I also made sure it was signed before releasing it back in April. If anyone’s running it on Mountain Lion, please let me know how it’s working for you!

Registered users can snag the latest version of SodaSynth from their original registration email or from our downloads page. Enjoy!

Blog Moved to WordPress

I used to be one of those people that installed a new Linux distribution every other week, searching for the One True Desktop Linux which had the winning combination of, well, just working.

Now I’m one of those people who’s never satisfied with their blogging platform. Blogger’s lacking in style and modern features. Tumblr is better and has nice social integration features, but it doesn’t quite feel right for a company blog in the sense that it’s main focus is tumblogging – sharing little bits, not writing full articles. Because of that, I’ve just moved the Oscillicious blog over to WordPress, so that I’ve got a better platform to write with.

I’m really excited about what I’ve been working on recently, and I’m going to start writing about it in one way or another, so stay tuned. August is going to be an interesting month.

For reference, the old Tumblr blog is still online here.

Update: I managed to customize a WordPress theme and integrate it so it matches the rest of the site more or less. Sweet!


BeatCleaver for Windows XP and Bonus Breaks

I’ll admit it: I underestimated how many people still use Windows XP. 

Windows XP is especially important to many musicians because it’s used on a lot of studio computers. These computers are kept clean of any unnecessary software, and can easily run for a decade without issues. They’re serious work machines, and an upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 might not actually bring any real benefits, but will definitely bring downtime. 

So to the musicians out there still rocking Windows XP: I’m sorry BeatCleaver left you behind, but I hope we can make it up to you.

I’m pleased to announce the release of BeatCleaver 1.2 for Windows XP.

This version zooms, slices, and dices just like it does on other platforms, but it can only open WAV and AIFF files. As before, purchasing BeatCleaver allows you to use it on any of the available platforms, so if you do decide to upgrade Windows, you can always download BeatCleaver again to get MP3 and M4A support.

A trial version is available for download from the BeatCleaver site, and existing registered users can download BeatCleaver for XP from the downloads page.

I’m also pleased to announce that all versions of BeatCleaver now come bundled with a selection of 13 royalty-free drum loops graciously provided by the awesome people at MPC-Samples.com. They’ve got loads of great loops, breaks, and samples for hip-hop production available on their site, so check ‘em out!