Preview: BeatCleaver 1.3 with Time Stretching

There are few audio effects that match the sheer usefulness of time stretching.

Time stretching is an effect that allows you to change the tempo and pitch of a sample independently of one another. For example, if you’ve sampled a vinyl and you want to work it into an existing track, time stretching lets you slow down the sample to match the tempo of your beat. You also usually need to transpose the sample to match the key of your song as well. Time stretching is different from resampling because the latter changes both the pitch and tempo at the same time.

What’s particularly great about time stretching is that it preserves the original character of your source material, which has made it a ubiquitous technique in modern hip hop music production. Preserving the original character of a sample is more important in hip hop than in other genres because sampling is so closely tied to the “sound” of the genre. In hip hop, sound design tends to focus more on reworking existing samples to fit with each other, as opposed to say, the synth-oriented sound design of most EDM genres. (If you wander in between hip hop and EDM production, taking certain elements of each, you get post-2010 trap music, but I digress.) Although you don’t need to use timestretching or even resampling when you’re making hip hop, both techniques let you expand your palette of available sounds. Once you go timestretching though, it sure is hard to go back.

A sneak peek at BeatCleaver 1.3

A sneak peek at BeatCleaver 1.3 for Windows. Notice anything new?

That’s why we’re excited to share the news that time stretching is coming to BeatCleaver in the upcoming 1.3 release. We’ve integrated a new, high fidelity time stretching engine and added a number of different quality presets and options to let you tweak the final sound.

BeatCleaver 1.3 adds the ability to time stretch and repitch samples (independently).

BeatCleaver 1.3 adds the ability to time stretch and repitch samples (independently).

Screenshots are great, but time stretching needs to be heard, so we’ve put together a short demo track featuring only samples that were time-stretched and chopped in BeatCleaver 1.3:

Time Stretching with BeatCleaver – “Guitars” Demo Song by Oscillicious

The beat on this track was chopped from one of the demo breaks that come bundled with BeatCleaver. All other samples are licensed under Creative Commons BY and found on

You can also listen to those samples directly, in both original and timestretched versions below. We’ve placed comments inline that label each sample and list the time stretching settings:

Time Stretching with BeatCleaver – “Guitars” Samples by Oscillicious

(Full attribution and links to the the samples are provided in the description on SoundCloud.)

We’re currently wrapping up BeatCleaver 1.3 beta testing and we hope to have a final release within the next week or so. Stay tuned for more information and the release announcement!

Fun fact: Akai released the first MPC with time stretching back in 2000, the MPC 2000 XL.


BeatCleaver 1.2.8 Released!

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 2.39.25 PM

After a busy week of BeatCleaver development, we’re pushing out a small (but worthwhile) update that brings a couple of bugfixes and enhancements:

  • Big performance boost when navigating around the waveform.
  • Fixed rare crash during looping.
  • Fixed several bugs causing inconsistent playback behaviour, especially when looping.
  • Fixed another bug where an invalid loop could be placed when loading a second file.

These changes don’t sound drastic, but combined they add up to make BeatCleaver feel a lot tighter and more consistent. It’s the little things, right? But that’s not all: We’ve got some news on BeatCleaver 1.3 coming soon. Most of our recently development  time has gone into BeatCleaver 1.3, and we’re just about ready to start spilling the beans on what’s coming next. Stay tuned!

Existing BeatCleaver owners can hit up the download links in their original registration email to get this new BeatCleaver update or head over to the bottom of our downloads page to grab it.

If you’re new to BeatCleaver, an update trial version is available too, check it out!

BeatCleaver Review by DJ Kev West

Over on YouTube, DJ Kev West has posted a quick 2 minute review of BeatCleaver, our sample chopping software for Windows and Mac:

In the review, Kev calls BeatCleaver a “perfect alternative to Propellerhead Recycle”, then goes over some of the capabilities of BeatCleaver and explains why you might consider using it if you’re a Reason user. Give it a watch!

If you’re into MPC finger drumming or the Akai MPD MIDI controllers, you might also really dig this video Kev did comparing MPC Stuff Fat Pads and the regular stock drum pads that come with various controllers:

If you like these videos, subscribe to Kev West on YouTube and check out his website!

If you’re interested in BeatCleaver, download the free trial or pick it for only $30 from the Oscillicious Online Shop.

JustScience BeatCleaver Video Review and Chopping Demo

Beatmaking guru JustScience has just posted a new video review and demo showing how to chop samples with BeatCleaver for hip hop production.

This video is a great introduction to the main BeatCleaver workflow, and takes you from the basics like loading samples and chopping on zero crossings, all the way to loading your chops in Reason and using them with the NN-XT sampler.

If you’re interested in BeatCleaver or making hip hop in Reason, check it out:

If you like this video, be sure to check out JustScience’s YouTube Channel for more music production videos! You can also catch him over on Twitter, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

BeatCleaver is available for Windows and Mac – Check out the free trial version today!

JamDeck Now Available in the Mac App Store

We’re pleased to announce that JamDeck, the organic music sketchpad, is now available through the Mac App Store!

JamDeck for Mac OS X


To celebrate this launch, we’re offering JamDeck at a special price through the Mac App Store, but only until until March 11th, 2013, so hurry! If you’re a Mac user and you’ve been eyeing JamDeck, now’s your chance to get it while it’s hot.

If you’ve been following our past projects, you might remember that back in February 2011, we launched Mixxx in the Mac App Store, which quickly became the #1 Top Free App across the globe. Though we dream about repeating that success in the “Paid” category instead, our main objective is just to put new tools into the hands of musicians across the globe, and we’re hopeful that the Mac App Store will help us do that. So if you’d like to try something new, a different way of kickstarting your music, give JamDeck a try and let us know what you think!

About JamDeck

JamDeck is organic music production software for capturing brilliant ideas quickly. It takes a new approach to music creation on the Mac, that lets you sit down and jam just like you would with a real instrument. With nearly zero setup and an easy to use live looper, JamDeck is always ready to capture and help you build on those moments of musical inspiration. By combining the feel of an instrument with an easy live looping workflow, creativity just flows.

JamDeck is available for Windows and Mac OS X.