BeatCleaver 1.2.6 Released!

We’re pleased to announce a new feature update to BeatCleaver!

BeatCleaver 1.2

BeatCleaver is available for Windows and Mac OS X.


This update adds a handful of useful features including:

  • Full undo and redo capabilities
  • A “Slice into 64” option in the menu
  • The ability to slide the loop and the corresponding slice points around by clicking and dragging a loop. This can be very handy for finding good loops.
  • The ability to expand a loop by shift-clicking on another area of the loop bar.

Existing customers can download BeatCleaver 1.2 by hitting the download link in their original registration email or entering their registration information on the Oscillicious downloads page.

A free trial is available for download for Windows and Mac OS X today.

About BeatCleaver

BeatCleaver is a standalone software application for beat slicing and music sampling from existing recordings and songs. It makes it easy and quick to split MP3s, WAVs, M4As and more with precision, perfect for hip hop sampling or remixing.

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