BeatCleaver 1.4 Devlog – Almost Done

Time for another devlog update on BeatCleaver 1.4!

I’ve made huge progress since the last update (about a month ago), and 1.4 is now more or less feature-complete:

Some of the new changes coming in BeatCleaver 1.4 that are covered in this video are:

  • Automatic BPM detection
  • Slice to MIDI
  • Tempo and pitch controls integrated into the main window
  • New icons and new graphics for the transport and loop bars.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste in Edit Mode
  • Delete and Trim in Edit Mode
  • Normalization
  • New shift and ctrl-click shortcuts to slice and trigger playback in the slicer view.

This video ended up being a bit longer than I would have liked, but it covers twice the development time that the previous ones did, and you can tell how excited I was this time around. (I had to bust out the volume normalization when post-processing the video to keep myself under control.)

I’m working on fixing up bugs still, but there may be a public beta for this release because since so much has changed, I’m getting the sneaky suspicion that there’s probably tons of bugs I haven’t found yet. Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, and the blog here for more info!

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