Devlog: Early Look at Edit Mode in BeatCleaver 1.4

I’ve started working on a new BeatCleaver update, and rather than keeping the new feature set under wraps until right before the release like usual, I’ve decided to try developing this release in the open starting with this first “developer log” video:

Watch the video to see how the new “Edit Mode” in BeatCleaver 1.4 is going to work, and let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Devlog: Early Look at Edit Mode in BeatCleaver 1.4

  1. Love this idea!

    Thoughts: It might be nice to have some kind of subcontrol per region that would control that envelope. Like a knob or even just a number field that you could click and drag positive or negative value, or type in a fixed value. Obviously not every effect would require one, but say for a fade in/fade out effect, the control would change the linear/curve value of the fade.

    Other effect ideas:

    Gain: With a modifier knob, you can gain up or down. Otherwise, maybe a normalize envelope?

    Pitch: Pitch up and down with a modifier knob controlling pitch semitones.

    Pitch Bend: a turntable-like speed up or slow down, modifier knob controlling linear/curve value of the pitch sweep.

    EQ: EQ with modifier knob controlling some preset curves like hp, lp, band.

    Pan: Panning with modifier knob controlling left to right or right to left

    I’m assuming you’ll be able to overlap these envelopes, so maybe some automatic per envelope color coding?

  2. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

    I’ve got a basic gain edit in there now, with a slider that lets you adjust the volume in that particular region. Took a bit of work because it’s the first edit with a control in it, but now the groundwork is done for that sort of thing.

    I’ve written down these other suggestions and we’ll see how things go over the next couple of weeks! I’ve still got a lot of polishing and bugfixing to do to but I’m still going to try to add more edits in before the release. Hopefully I’ll have a new video out by next week.

    Thanks again!

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