JamDeck reaches “On Fire” status in the Chrome Web Store

Our Chrome App has become more popular than ever this holiday season!

Our Chrome App has become more popular than ever this holiday season!

Here at Oscillicious, we’re long time fans of Google’s Chrome Web Browser and were early supporters of new technology Google put into Chrome that’s allowing the creation of a new generation of high-performance multimedia applications on the web. In 2011, we released a demo version of SodaSynth that runs directly in Google Chrome, which became the world’s first “Native Client” application in the Chrome Web Store. SodaSynth for Chrome even included a little live looper, which spurned some new ideas that we eventually brought to life in JamDeck.

Earlier this month, we launched JamDeck for Chrome, allowing you to quickly jam out ideas and make music or beats instantly in your browser. It’s easy to use, responsive, and gives you a good taste of the full desktop JamDeck experience.

JamDeck for Chrome has been gaining so much popularity lately that Google’s now tagged it as “On Fire” in the Chrome Web Store, pushing it to the top! In a sea of Flash-based virtual pianos and toy sequencer applets, JamDeck for Chrome stands out by delivering better instruments, unbeatable responsiveness, and studio sound quality that professional musicians expect. Try it for yourself today!

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