SongStarter Beta Updated – Bugfixes, REAPER, and more…

Though it’s only been a few days since the SongStarter free public beta release, we’ve already started getting good feedback and have some bugfixes to push out.

The biggest problem reported so far was that the beta version appeared expired for many Windows users. I’ve done a bit of tinkering and I think I’ve managed to fix this one, so if you couldn’t get SongStarter to run before, try hitting the SongStarter page again and download the new version for Windows (songstarter-1.0-beta-082312-win32.exe). The Mac version has been updated with these fixes too.

Other changes in this version (1.0-beta-082312) include:

  • Drag and drop MIDI export for REAPER added
  • I quietly fixed the OS X package having some broken artwork and instruments earlier in the week.

That’s actually it, it’s been a slow week. I spent one day tackling some bugs lurking in Analog Extracts and SodaSynth (updating coming for those tomorrow), and I’ve been working on gathering feedback on SongStarter. There are a handful of high-priority features I have on my TODO list, but I want to make sure my priorities are right, so if you dig SongStarter, your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll keep you posted on SongStarter as it develops!

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